Nemasys Vine Weevil Nematodes

I know I should probably be patient and wait 'til March, but I know the little bu**ers are out there and am itching to get some nematodes now!

It says the temp. needs to be 5 degrees C - do they mean in the ground, or the air temp? And is that at night?

We're currently hovering around the 5 degree mark at night, here in London.

Any thoughts much appreciated, as I need to get the large pack (£29 - ouch) and don't want to waste it. Thanks.


  • image thanks Edd.

    I'm hoping the grubs are still overwintering...but given the mild winter we've had so far, I'm not so sure...

  • Yes, thanks for the soil info though - guess I could shove a thermometer in there!

  • Thanks Verdun - yes, I recall your being one of the few provado promoters on here image

    Whilst i wouldn't rule it out, especially if it saves plants ( I am fearing that the grubs are currently active, rather than overwintering, because it has been so mild), I am worried about the effect on the beds long-term.

    Does provado stay in the plant for months after use, or not?

    I don't really know the answer and googling it hasn't given me much info either.

    Some of my plants are also herbs and many plants are in open soil, alongside many plants which are attractive to pollinators.

    My greatest fear is that provado may remain in the plants or the soil long-term and work its way into the plant structure, thus harming pollinators months ahead.

    If you or anyone could tell me that that doesn't happen, the I'd use it too image

  • Do you need a special kind of thermometer to measure soil temperature, I wonder?

    After reading some of the posts here, I'm certainly getting some nematodes. The vine weevils have killed quite a few plants in my small garden (though not the vine, surprisingly), and I want to do something about them. They seem especially fond of raspberries, and last year attacked my Amelanchier.

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