Can anyone advise me on sowing late carrot seeds, so as to avoid carrot root fly? I am particularly thinking of the open ground, where it wouldn't be practical to use fleece.I am aware that later sowings are usually ok, but last year I sowed on June 2nd and they were riddled with tunnels. Would late June be a safer bet, I wonder?  I might add my main spring and summer crops I grow in boxes, where I use fleece most successfully. 


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    I think you sowed them at what is usually the right time but the seasons were all late year which probably didn't help.  If the weather is normal (whatever that is - I've forgotten!) next spring, try again in early June, otherwise late June/early July.  Lot's of carrot fly advice here:

    From my own experience I think there's a lot more carrot fly about these days than there used to be so best of luck! image


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  • companion planting could help,plant onions and garlic in between the rows or hyssop etc,stops the carrot fly from sniffing them out

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    A neighbour uses fleece even on open bed. Or make a raised barrier about 30 or 40 cm high with fleece/polythene attached to canes as carrot fly are very low flying and a barrier should stop them.

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