Cheap veg seeds



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    Never thought of this. Glad I looked at this thread!

  • Tom, Premier look to have a great range, might buy from them next winter. Have about all i need for now except Kelvedon Wonder pea which I usually buy in the 2 Euro shop in town. that's pound shop to the rest of you. Bought Helenor swedes today in Tesco for 2.80 euro. not cheap but OH says they were the nicest we have grown. They are fron Johnson seeds.

  • Aldi do seed for 40 p I got loads of seed from there're 

  • i/ve used aldi . no problem at all. i now use premier seeds off e-bay. dead cheap and good service. 

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 689

    Lidl and Aldi Seed has just come into shops this week here. Am I imagining it or have the contents got even less? Checked a couple of packets from last year and the contents seem heavier even though I had used some - In particular radishes/turnips and tomatoes. Are we being short changed?

  • Premier seeds on Ebay are great - some amazing varieties and good quantities of seed.  Just come in a plain tiny ziplock most are 99p each; not as cheap as Lidl/Aldi but good quality.  Purple mange tout and asparagus!

  • Don't forget Wilkinsons (online as Wilco), some great seed bargains.


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