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Cheap veg seeds

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,574

    If you only have a small plot, they are OK. Just not many seeds in a packet. Once they've germinated, anything after that is down to you. The most expensive seed will not do well in poor soil and no light.

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,574

    I bought most of this years veg seeds last year , when the garden centre reduced all packets to 50p. The only ones I insist on buying new and hence top price are onions and parsnips. The gardening mags give away a lot, and some of the offers in the papers are good, even if you do get inundated with catalogues afterwards.

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  • A couple of good value online companies I can recommend are Moreveg and Simplyseed. Check the quantities in the packs - sometimes they're quite scant, but then you don't always want loads of one variety. They both have a huge choice of interesting varieties, better than you'd get at most Garden Centres. You don't get a picture on the packet, though.image

    I've bought seeds from Lidl that were fine. I'm sure Aldi would be comparable.

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,084

    Lidl's great for old faithfuls ie kelvedon Wonder peas. But I agree about the amount you get. But there again how many sprouts/lettuce/toms do you actually need? Some of the varieties are totally different as they come from germany so an adventure can be had at little cost, and I can recommend the Cucumber Seeds from Lidl especially.

    With only two of us I find myself with many packets of seed left over even with 2-3yr life! Still, I do have to admit to preferring to pay out for new F1 varieties as feel I need that guarantee of success. I find for a many items it is better to buy young plants/seedlings, although I have unwittingly bought in disease problems from unknown growers ie. Nurseries trading at Markets as opposed to Flower Shows.

  • Try Park Promotions, they do seed promotions for papers and websites but you can buy from their site quite cheap. They do quite a big range for 99p a pack and sometimes have special promos. Also Kings Seeds are goods, they have two sites, you can buy larger amounts of seeds for a discount on their commercial site or smaller amounts on the gardeners site. They have a wide range and very good quality.


  • Try googling free seeds

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  • aldi seeds are ok,but i get most of mine from ebay sellers and have had no problems with quality or quantity,look for the ones with good feedback i use four sellers,premier seeds direct is the one i use most.

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