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  • First things first, Kate i actually thought of cutting the flower off before it seeds, though i never mentioned this to Mrs Grower, i was keeping that as my back up plan if i lost the dispute..image..

    Elsa please excuse my ignorance i have no idea what a sunning pot is, i'll have to look that one up online..image..

    David much the same as Elsa please excuse my lack of gardening knowledge to me it is a thistle wether it's an onopordum giganteum or not i have no idea..image

    Last but not least, Emma, the short answer is "yes" according to Mrs grower she has dug a good few of the young thistle plants out of the main garden over the last few years which was news to me, Just to give you some background i never really botherd with the garden to busy with work and other things, Mrs grower likes to potter about in the garden but nothing serious, but since last summer we have really got stuck into the garden we have built a lovely pond with waterfall & decking, built planters, dug out yards and yards of sunflowers that were left to do as they wish, and made and planted up lovely beds and borders,built a new gardening shed and a poly tunnel in short we have spent a lot of money done a lot of hard work in the garden, hence why the thistle wasn't a concern before but is now..

    Thanks all, for your ideas and suggestions


  • sorry i meant to say a 'stunning pot' just meaning put it in a nice pot and make a feature of it somewhere where it can't seed all over x

  • Doh...I think you & i should patent the sunning pot idea Elsa..  image... I don't think there is such a place where you can put it, so that it wont seed, as it can travel for miles on the wind..I'm happy with the cardoon suggestion, and more importantly so is Mrs Grower..


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