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Beginners help with seeds

Hi folks, Wonder if someone can help? I'm new on here, and new to garden in general, so please excuse me if some are the questions are really stupid or basic, as I have no idea or background in gardening. On Saturday I bought a few packs of seeds looking to start a small veg patch in the garden. On Sunday as instructed on the packed, I sowed the seeds in various pots and trays. My main question which is confusing me is as follows: Instructions ( cover with glass, polythene or propagator lid and keep at approx 15c. Seedling usually appear in 7-21 days. ) After sowing the seeds I watered and covered with cling film. Can someone let me know if I need to keep watering the seeds every day or two. Or is the purpose of the glass / plastic to create condensation to water the seed? Cheers


  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Hello Welshpud.

    First thing I think we need to know is what veg have you sewn? There aren't that many that can be done just now. Also where have you put them ?

    Then we'll explain about propagation. They won't need water from Sunday until now.

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    generally, the glass will maintain a humid atmosphere and the seeds should not dry out until they start growing.Then increase ventilation and decrease humidity or they may damp off. What veg seeds are you growing this way? most veg seeds go straight in the ground from March.

  • Basil







    These are all the ones that said on the back of the packet to start sowing indoor from February.

    Currently I have set them up in the spare room, near the window.
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    Have you got a greenhouse for the peppers/cucumbers to go into? I think you are a bit early. The plants are going to be lanky due to lack of light before you can plant them outside  at the end of May. Basil needs heat and sunshine. Peas can go outside from March. Onion pants will need a lot of light and be Ok in a coldframe but not in a house.

  • Yes, I've bought a small glass house in preparation, and are looking to convert half the grass area of the garden into a veg patch.

    If I am early as surges yes, what should I do?

    Should I bin these lot and re plant in March??

    Going back toy original question, so the seeds need to be watered regulaly?
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    They need to be kept damp. the glass should keep them like that until they germinate.

    I would plant cucumbers and peppers in a propagator in a greenhouse in March.  The trouble with growing on windowsills in the house is that  the seedlings get leggy from lack of light and too much heat.

  • Thanks for advise, what do u recomend about the start, should I carry on as I am?

    Should I sow more in march?

    Why would the packed say sow in February, if this is too early?
  • if you are new to gardening I would buy trays of whatever when available which indicates the time is right for planting, they are pretty cheap.I wouldnt bother growing onions from seeds you can by 'onion sets',,,strawberries buy a couple you will soon have suckers to grow on. Early things to grow outside you may consider,,, broad beans (sow seeds direct into ground) & early potatoes (buy seed potatoes end of feb/march & start chitting on ready to go out when deep frost are out of the way. Leeks whether if buy a tray or grow from seed its far too early.

    Step by step...different folks have different ways,,,,,choose a couple of things & do some research that part of the enjoyment!


    Good Luck


  • With out a lot of research, most people who are new to gardening will find it difficult to now when to plant things and how to plant them ect. As Ian said, most garden centers sell veg and fruit "in the green" (meaning they have began to grow and are producing shoots or foliage). Typically, if a garden center are selling these plants, there should be find to plant right away. Before you get carried away, to play it safe clarify with staff there. Heres what i suggest you do if your eager to get going. Keep the seeds you are growing. Unless there taking up a lot of room or they are in the way, whats the harm in giving them a chance..? Who knows, we may have a very mild spring.. Get down to your local garden center or nursery and get your self some seed potatoes. You can begin "chitting" them now to plant out in march/april for an earlier crop. More info on seed potatoes (this is also where i work, if you get stuck with anything garden related give us a call for free advice).. Providing the frosts stay away and your soil isnt too water logged you could probably go ahead with planting a few onion sets & shallots. If the temperatures dip you could use some horticultural fleece or a cloche to protect them from the frosts. Broad beans can also be sown now directly into the soil. Its often a good idea to get them in whilst its cool before pests like the black fly appear.. If February stays mild, at the end of the month conceder sowing early varieties of parsnip such as the ‘Avonresister’. Jerusalem Artichokes can also be planted now, however they can be a slight nuisance as they spread like wild fire and can be difficult to control. Have fun!! image

  • spinach, beetroot (seeds into ground) & salads (start of in trays & transplant to ground) are dead easy to grow.

    As well as all the above think about what you grow, I cant see the point in growing carrots when they are so cheap to buy, but soft fruits are a defo for me.

    the most important thing of all is be careful of information overload the best way to learn is the hard way,,,thats me done!image


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