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New garden border help!!

I have just planted up a large new border with a few young plants including, dicentra x2, polemonium, hardy fushcia, phlox, aubretia x2, lupin x3, doronicum x3, dianthus x3 and penstemon x3.

I would like the border to look full in summer and have evergreen colour in winter. I'm concerned that there's going to be big gaps after spring flowering but as the new plants haven't fully grown yet should I leave putting further evergreen plants in until later??


  • I started off my mixed border years ago by placing in the shrubs which would give me structure and colour all year, then added herbacious plants and flowers.   Tried to get everything balanced to give all year round colour but 20 years later I am still changing things and getting it wrong at times.   Some of my plants must be dizzy with the number of different locations they have inhabited.   Don't worry about it too much but a wee bit of planning does help.   Have fun!

  • Thanks tarttartan! It's a fairly large flower bed to tackle so I think it will be a work in progress for now.

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