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Broad Beans

I have started of some broad beans in my propagator and they are now in pots on my window sill as they are growing rather quick. When can i plant them outside please.


  • Hello Paslode,

    Broad beans are pretty hardy. I've got some on my veg plot that have been out all winter. However, please make sure you harden them off before planting them out. This involves gradually exposing them to the cold and open air by placing them somewhere sheltered. As we're due to have frost soon you need to be a little careful. You could put them somewhere cool indoors, like an unheated conservatory/greenhouse while they acclimatise to cooler conditions.

    Emma team

  • paslodepaslode Posts: 6

    Thank you emma i dont have a conservatory / greenhouse would it be ok to place them outside for a short while when the weather is not to bad

    Regards Mike.

  • The MothThe Moth Posts: 1

    Hi Paslode,

    I would leave them outside during the day & bring them in at night for about 10 days. After that just put them in the ground & they should be fine. I planted some of mine out in early March.

  • paslodepaslode Posts: 6

    Thank you Moth for the reply as i do not have a very large back garden i am going to plant them in large tubs can you tell me how far apart they will need to be planted.


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