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Hi, my next door neighbours two cats have started to use my garden planters (empty at the moment) as a toilet.  Any suggestions how I can prevent them from doing this before I put my summer plants in.


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    If they're empty cover them with a boards, slates, tiles etc for the moment.  When they're full of plants and well watered the cats won't be interested in them. 

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    Dovefromabove wrote (see)
    RubyLeaf wrote (see)
    OR garden? Who puts a litter tray in their garden? I've never read such a daft thing. Also why do you think its a good idea to put cats on a lead? They're not a pack animal. Not every cat is going to "enjoy" being on a lead. You cannot fully train a cat like a dog. Cats love to wonder. They're not going to trot all the way back to your own garden to do toilet business in a litter tray or in the garden.

    I'm just a little angry how you think cats can be treated like dogs. I can only assume you're as angry with have had cats do their pooping and what not in your garden. If so I'm sorry to hear that. My nan had trouble with cats digging up her bulbs =/. I hope you, and all others find better and more practical solutions though image


    Perfectly reasonable thing to do - when we had cats that's what we did.  We had a large shallow  container of dry builders' sand in the open lean-to where the logs were stored - it stayed dry and was accessible to our cats whenever they were outside and they used it.  

    Our neighbours said that our cats did not use their gardens and they certainly did not use my flower beds or veg garden.  The sand was changed regularly and it was no bother.  It would be helpful if all cat owners did a similar thing and encouraged their cats to use it.  

    By their nature it might not prevent cats from occasionally pooping elsewhere, but it helps control the problem if they know of somewhere suitable outside that they can use, just as they use the cat litter indoors. 


    Dovefromabove wrote (see)

    If they're empty cover them with a boards, slates, tiles etc for the moment.  When they're full of plants and well watered the cats won't be interested in them. 

    Yup. My cats always try to find an empty spot in the soil. Also I think cats dislike gravel.

  • There is a thread that is very loooooong on this very subject MP. it's just down the page and here is the link for it:

    There doesn't seem a lot of point in having lots of threads on the same subject, and it has caused a bit of upset on the forum already (no disrespect intended with regard to your question MP).

    I'm sure you will find plenty of ideas on the original thread (which is now up to 60 odd replies!) and it gives you a chance to contribute to what has become a lively discussionimageimage

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    I think the topic of "Cats in garden" needs to be added to politics and religion as no-go areas for reasoned discussion.  You get people from both extremes of opinion ('Cat people' to 'Pass me the shotgun') metaphorically speaking of course, and neither prepared to accept that an opposing opinion can have any validity.

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    KT53...............well said............I'd add " Hunting"  to Cats,  Politics and Religion.............never the twain shall meet. image  Sensible discussion "Yes"......nasty arguments "No".


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    I don't know why but this brought back to mind a friend who years ago turned up one evening wearing a badge with "Gay whales against the bomb" written on it.  He thought it covered all the bases at the time.  The time being the late 70's so long, long before the days of political correctness. image

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    No need to offend cat lovers or haters.........To kindly keep cats away just plant a Shoe Tree!

  • Short sticks, twigs or canes 4-5" apart, good to protect young plants and freshly sown seeds as well - can be removed once the plants are established.

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    KT53.............I really like the "Gay Whales against the bomb"image

    Actually, I think it would still work now..........the world doesn't seem to have become much more sensible since the 70's............maybe a slogan for the Winter Olympics in Russia..............image

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