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Climber for Trellis - Evergreen and Child Friendly

We have a trellis between us and next door, it sits over a gap in the slabs which currently has weed control and gravel in it.  The trellis is approx 5ft tall.  When we first moved in 4 years ago it was covered with an old clematis which had seen better days and something with berries on it.  

As we have 2 small children we decided that the berries were too tempting and cut it all back.  The problem is now we are left with bare trellis and a great view of the neighbours back door!

It hasnt been a problem until now, but hte current neighnbours are moving and I would prefer a bit more privacy as they are renting the house out.

Ideally I would like something evergreen and fairly low maintenance as the property next door will be rented and I don't want to cause problems with the neighbours by planting something which needs regular maintenance.

Thought about Ivy but was unsure of the variety.

Prefer something not too costly and it must be child friendly so no poisonous plants/berries/pods.

Suggestions welcomed



  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,110

    The only evergreen climber that I can think of that isn't poisonous is star jasmin, trachelospermum jasminoides. Ivy is poisonous. Honeysuckle is easy and smells lovely, but I don't know about whether it's poisonous. I had it in the garden when my children were small, but they didn't touch it. Some varieties such as Lonicera Henryi are evergreen. The flowers aren't poisonous, at least the honey end. We used to suck them as children.

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  • NJJ272NJJ272 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the suggestions. It's more things with berries that I want to avoid. Mainly because I grow fruit such as raspberries and strawberry and I don't want the youngest who is 2 getting confused. The star jasmine looks like a nice bet.
  • Gracie5Gracie5 Posts: 125

    I would also suggest the star jasmine. Right now mine is turning a lovely Autumnal colour, a beautiful climber!

  • Another suggestion could be winter jasmine.  Although not evergreen it is covered in bright yellow flowers throughout winter and I don't think it is poisonous.  Mine covers the side of my garage wall and is really beautiful when there is little colour around in winter.  Good luck

  • My evergreen honeysuckle is nice but a bit of a beast! It grows well in my north facing garden too and copes ok. It does get little clusters of berries though late summer / autumn. They are grey / black so not very attractive to birds or presumably children.

    I'd choose a varigated ivy. they are very pretty, fast growing, cheap, evergreen and provide great cover for roosting sparrows.

  • Whilst I can see that you don't want children eating poisonous berries it is also on important that they realise that not everything can be eaten just because it is bright coloured-after all they won't always be confined to one garden.

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  • The jasmine is ideal. I have one covering a framework around my water butt. At the moment,although it is evergreen, the foliage  is changing to pink and orange. It also twines itself around  the frame.

    It is a true delight. The white flowers are also non-poisonous.

    Hope this suggestion is of help. Go for it!



  • Jasmine is a good choice. I have one (plan to fit more in) and the fragrance is amazing. Another clematis could be used? Such as 'Armandii'?
  • I agree with Busy-Lizzie that Trachelospermum Jasminoides will tick all your boxes, and would suggest the lovely variegated variety. It is slightly slow growing but very easy to look after and doesn't get out of hand. Clematis armandii is also lovely but will cover your house and garden in a couple of years!

  • Jay 22Jay 22 Posts: 1

    Before I read the comments of others, I was going to recommend Trachelospermum as mine, admittedly 10 years old, looks resplendant growing over my arbour, and glowing with Autumn hues of orange and red among the green.  Only needs a tidy up prune once a year.image

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