I had two composting boxes built a couple of years ago in an area of the garden that was thick with bindweed and ground elder and subsequently the bases of the boxes are sitting on several layers of thick membrane. I have covered to tops of the boxes with planks of wood. As worms cannot access the material in the bins naturally it  is not turning to compost very quickly. Can anyone suggest how to speed up the process or where iI might be able to buy worms that would survive in the bin on the waste only.



    Hi Big Pete..A few years ago my other half built me a worm bin and i filled it with mostly waste material. I bought some worms from the local fishing tackle shop and they only cost me a few pound for a large carton. I must say that they munched their way through it very quickly and the soil was amazing.. good luck if you decide to try that :0))

  • Big PeteBig Pete Posts: 2

    Thanks for that. I'll give it a go.

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