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every year we have a large number of wasps in and around our garden.  I think they build a nest in my neighbours garden, but as he is uncooperative, I need to try and at least keep them out of my garden!  Any ideas on how? Or has anyone got any tried and tested products or methods that have worked best for you? I have 4 small children, and they really do not enjoy the garden to its full potential because there are always so many wasps, and tbh, neither do I!!


  • UrszulaUrszula Posts: 8

    Hi, I also have a very uncooperative neighbour and in this case the only thing you can do as you have small children is to contact your local council, either their Health and Safety Dept. or their Environmental Health Dept.  You can say that you are worried about your childrens safety when they are in the garden which you abviously are. I have had a freind in the past who was stung once in the wrist and died from anaphylactic shock. Another thing you can do is to get the Council to gve you the name of their local company that removes nests, they used to do this FOC butnow you have to pay for it and maybe suggest to your neighbour that you are willing to pay to have it removed for them. The cost to us last time was about £75 but was well worth it. If they do not manage to kill off the nest first time around then they come back as many times as it takes after that for free until they get rid of it. You may not feel that you should pay to remove someones nest but if it means you can use your garden wihtout fear that it may well be worth it. Your neighbours may also be shamed into doing it if you offer to pay for it. But I think that the first thing to do is to get in touch with your council. If it is a health and safety issue for your children then I think they have to listen to you. I hope this helps and good luck.

  • Hi moonchild1984 and Urszula, wasps aren't as bad as many people make out, and very few people die from wasp stings. I got stung by wasps as a child and lived to tell the tale! Wasps are usefull allies in the garden - they eat caterpillars, flies and beetles, many of which are usually regarded as pests.

    However there's a great product called the Waspinator, which you hang in your garden to deter wasps from entering. It looks like a wasp nest so, being territorial, wasps won't enter a garden if they think there is already a nest there, as they fear they'll be attacked.

    Information on the Waspinator is here:


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