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Something has burrowed into my fruit bushes???

Hi i pruned back my (inherited, with Allotment) grafted Red/Blackcurrant bushes last Autumn and they have been fine and even showing buds now image , but recently i have found the odd dead branch  & small holes burrowed into them? I haven't seen any grubs or beetles but, am worried about cutting off the branch  ( as in west yorkshire, it is still flipping cold!) & i don't want to damage my bushes, what do you think it could be? and what can i do please? ruth


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    I'd cut out the dead branch and have a dig in the hole with a pin.

    It's probably one of many boring insects  seeking shelter for the winter.

    As the branch is dead or apparently so, there will be no harm in cutting it out now. They fruit on new wood so you can prune the whole bush now or wait a few weeks.

  • connie77connie77 Posts: 151
    Hi Dave, thanks for the advice,
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