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Group 3 Clematis pruning

LesleyjmLesleyjm Posts: 3

Is it too late to prune my Clematis Viticella Polish Spirit?  Watching last night's Gardener's World programme made me think about Clematic Viticella.  I have so many clematis in my garden as I have a passion for them but I was then prompted to see if I had any viticellas and I have one which is Polish Spirit.  I haven't pruned it yet and it is putting out lots of buds.  I should have cut it right back to the ground during the winter or last month but as I did not do this, is it now too late at the end of March?


  • Do you have any montana in your garden if so have you any advice on it
  • LesleyjmLesleyjm Posts: 3

    We have a Montana which has climbed up a tree and must be about 20 - 25 ft tall.  I have never had any advice on it.  It flowers beautifully every year and dies off in winter only to flower beautifully again in the Spring.

  • davids10davids10 Posts: 894

    viticella wiil bloom later if pruned now-montana should be pruned if at all after it blooms you can cut the oldest growth at the base and just pull it out-too severe whacking frequently kills it

  • LesleyjmLesleyjm Posts: 3

    Thanks for your advice and help.

  • I caught the Clematis bug last night and rushed out today, buying 3:

    Sunset (Gp2) - flowering May to Sep (according to the label)

    Hagley Hybrid (Gp3) - Jun to Aug

    Pink Champagne (Gp2) - May to Aug

    Each are 2-3 foot tall, several stems which start a bit woody (albeit very thin) and go on to new green growth and are well leaved, none are begining to flower.

    Should I prune them back at the time of planting out (as stated last night) or wait till after this years flowering /next early spring?   

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