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Talkback: Woolly aphids

Before using thiacloprid, imidacloprid, acetamocloprid or any other neonicotinoid pesticide, I recommed visiting the Buglife website, to read their report summarising independent research on neonicotinoids. They kill bees & other non-target insects - eg. butterflies etc. Miniscule amounts impair the ability of insect to function resulting inevitably in death. Also, seek out the fact sheets from the US environment agency -you may get a shock! We used to manage without them & can now.


  • I have two apple trees that are not producing fruit - and appear to be really failing. I have noticed small very light green flies on the back of the leaves that appear almost to have fine silk threads stretched across them on the leaf They do not look like the clusters of woolly aphids I see but the leaves are turning brown.

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