Bulbs in pots

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Can anyone tell me what to do with bulbs that I'm growing in pots. I want to leave them in there all year but do I water them during the summer and do I leave them in shade or full sun.


  • Hi there,

    Yes, water and feed them until the leaves die down. After that you can separate them and propagate them by dividing them and repotting into new pots. You can leave some in the original pot/arrangement, but they need space to stay healthy and flower well. 

  • HH Posts: 2

    Thanks for that, I seem to remember someone saying to leave the pots in full sun to bake throughout summer, do you know if that is correct?

  • tgirls44tgirls44 Posts: 3

    can I leave tulip bulbs in there pots until next year? as I have quiet a few in the ground already and do not fancy having to repot all over again...thank you for any help...

    new gardener.......

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    You can do but you will need to feed them and let them die back naturally

  • YviehYvieh Posts: 85

    Monty had some in pots the other week, that had finished, and He just said to put them somewhere tucked away in the garden, where they still had light and got the occasional feed and water.  I've done that with mine, but now think I'll also have a root around in the pots, to see if there are any divisions, and therefore freebies to be had.


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