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Cuttings - Pelagonium 'BlackMagic'

Hi, I took my cuttings in early August and they are all well rooted.  However, I left them out close to the house thinking to bring them in when it looked like frost.  (Not had any of that yet).  However, I noticed the  other day that one has rotted off - presumably with the excessive rain.  So now they are in my garden room (minimum temp 5C) and I'm not sure how to proceed.  I've just washed the tops  to get rid of some greenfly and repotted them in fresh soil.  So, my question is: how much heat - given that they've been used to being outside?  (My mother in law took cuttings of the same plants later than me and kept them in the house from day 1 where they are growing away like mad).


  • Hi Angela

    I bring mine undercover, (up against the window in the garage) from end of October. Cut them right back and even move them to smaller pots, yes even trim the roots. A dusting of yellow sulphur should curb any grey mold

    You need to put them to sleep, so not to hot 5C should be fine.

    Then only water once a month, more but not a lot if needed. Just keep the soil damp. The end of March start to increase the water gradually and if not to cold start to bring them out into the light, or a greenhouse.

  • Thank you so much Mark.  That's a great help

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