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Talkback: Leafcutter bees

I have this problem on one of my rose cuttings, but don't mind it now I know it's a bee and presumably it will have had enough soon and leave my rose alone!


  • busy bee's have totally defoliated a climbing rose which hasn't flowered for 3 years, but other roses are fine. Spraying with insecticide hasn't helped. will cover with net this year and see what happens.
  • "Wait for the female and swish her away" You can't be serious! Is this really the best advice you can give?
  • Our leaf cutter bees have made their home in the hollow arm of a garden bench. I don't mind in the least although the rose bush leaves are somewhat decimated. The bees worked very hard and were a joy to. Watch. Hope they stay with us !
  • year before last we had our fuschias attacked - initially didn't know what this was and panic set in....however, we left alone and the following year the plants came up again with no problems. Amazing how a bee can leave such a perfect shaped 'bite'!image

  • I have the leaf cutter Bee in my garden and find them fasinating, they do no harm to the flowers just cut a beautiful circle out of a leaf, I put a bee box on the house wall , the one with the canes inside, and love watching the busy Bees going in and out, they lay there egg, put a blob of honey in for the grum to feed on then seal up the cane with the cut leaf, then next spring the " Baby " grows and hey-presto a new baby Bee, 

    NEVER,NEVER use PESTICIDE, you will kill all the Bees etc,

  • I think this must have been my problem last year when i planted 10 laurels and when i looked a few weeks later(it is a holiday home) no leaves left.!

  • davids10davids10 Posts: 894

    here in reno the decline(horrendous)in honeybee population has caused an explosion in all the wild bees, wasps and yes, pollinator flies, perhaps the same thing has happened in GB. honey bees will chase other insects away from nectar sources so perhaps we should just enjoy this interval before the bees come back.

  • The pics shown of the damage caused by the leafcutter bee look exactly like a lot of my shrubs in one part of the garden. I thought I'd got leafcutter ants at one point as this was what it reminded me of. However, as these are perennials, red robin and roses, is it best just to leave them alone, will they recover? Unfortunately I'm at work all day so can't swat the bee away.
  • Our leafcutter bees  nested in the top of a garden umbrella (better than the mice which ate through


     another one in the shed...) We found the egg cases and are hoping to re-house them elsewhere - see pics

  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    Leaf Cutter Bees like my  Fuchsia Genii,my Acer Orange Dream and Phlox Bright Eyes image I don't mind at all and find them fascinating - one has a nest in my greenhouse in the wood that holds the electrics. Please don't ever try to get rid of them - they don't harm the plants- just make them look interesting image Have you ever tried to photograph a Leaf Cutter Bee? They don't half move fast image

    Pam x

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