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Hi all, I planted a Peonie (variaty not known sorry, I have mislaid the tag) about 2 years ago and each year it crown beautifully, problem is I have had no flowers! Today I have noticed new growth from the ground as normal, really healthy looking and wondered if this is the right time to be seeing this and also if it is going to flower when should this happen?

Many thanks Yvonne


  • SwedboySwedboy Posts: 380

    I bought one last year from Wilko last year and I just wonder if it might flower this year or if it is too young. The plant isn't massive. If memory serves me right they sulk if they are buried too deep.

  • <span>I have the same problem with a Peonie . I was given 3good fleshy tubers from a plant that had grown so big that the man that owned it could hardly get into his greenhouse and was getting soaked when he passed it .One day I admired its amazing dark pink colour and he immediately got a spade and dug me up three large tub res,That is how I know they came from a healthy plant. I planted them the way he told me but all I have had is a few leaves.,his just keeps getting bigger and producing many more flowers.I have had it for 3years and it's not getting any bigger.Any sugestions on what I could do with it to help it along.

    Where do  i find the validation for this site?Thanks Margaret.   

  • backyardeebackyardee Posts: 132

    peonys only sulk if they are planted too deep. I often move or split one and never have problems with the new sections not flowering. They flower at about 5 yrs old. So if you bought a young plant it won't flower for a few years. The same with peony trees. They take a while to mature. And at this time of year they do put on a spurt of growth. new leaves etc.

  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,995

    They are also hungry plants, so it might be worth feeding them with some Tomato fertiliser until after the flowering season, then switching to a gerneral purpose one.

  • RobotRobot Posts: 137

    Totally agree with backyardee - Peonies hate being planted too deep.  You can lift and divide them easily - as I do regularly - and they'll just keep on doing what they do best so long as you plant them at exactly the same depth as they were before.  So, it may be worthwhile lifting your unflowering Peony very carefully, Yvonne, and replanting it a little higher.  If you are worried that it is too late this year then scrap away some soil around the stems until the end of the season and then replant.

  • SwedboySwedboy Posts: 380

    Mine isn't flowering this year either and hasn't really bulked up. The size is more or less the same as last year. Is this due to it being very young or planted too deep?

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