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Hi everyone

New member, have an Amaryllis plant that flowered last year 8-10 blooms let it go dormant and brought it out hopeing it would bloom for christmas, so far it has grown leaves which are about 2'-6" high but no sign of flower stem.

Will it flower ? 


  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    May be not Roanne.  I have one at the moment which grew loads of leaves and no flowers but it is now going into the cycle of dying back (leaves going slowly yellow).  I am allowing it to do it's own thing and just watering and feeding it while it dies back.  Maybe you brought it out a wee bitty too early.  Was it asking to grow again?

  • RoanneRoanne Posts: 2

    Could have brought it out too soon but was following guide which came with plant, will wait and see what happens 

    Many thanks


  • Shoz2Shoz2 Posts: 15

    Ive found them to be unpredictable  too. Any tips on how to keep them going after they have flowered???

  • Once they have flowered you need to water and feed the leaves as these are building the bulb up for the next set of flowers.  When the leaves die-back naturally, the dormant stage has been reached and you let the compost dry out.  When the bulb shows signs of life again, re-pot it into fresh compost and it should flower again.  If it doesn't, the bulb didn't build itself up enough when last in leaf.  In that case, simply feed and water it while in leaf again until it dies back naturally. After the next dormancy it will almost certainly flower.  Sometimes when you first get them they can take a while to settle into the dormancy-flower-leaf/bulb growth pattern as they will have been forced to flower artificially to suit the sale time of the shops.

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