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Talkback: Know your potato types

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For Poddington.

Sorry I can't find the thread about best tasting potatoes.


  • I have just written on another forum, the variety called 'Jelly,', they are the best and tastiest I have ever had. We first had them from a well known  super market and last year  I looked them up only to learn that they weren't being produced for the open market... but today we have bought two bags of seed 'Jelly' potatoes from a large garden centre.. Yeh!!

  • It's partly a matter of personal taste - some people like floury potatoes, while some (like me) prefer them a bit waxy. Here is a good database for choosing potato varieties:

  • Each year I have been searching for good tasting potatoes. So rather than growing one variety of first and second early and being dissappointed, I decided to grow three varieties of each.

    This is because my local nursery sells most varieties loose at £1.40 per Kg. I have selected 12 tubers of Arran Pilot, Casablanca and Red Duke of York each for my trial with first earlies. I will do the same second earlies. I don't bother with main crop, as they are cheap locally. The cost was less than for a 2.5 Kg bag.

    I have seen packaged varieties of 10 tubers for £2-3 elsewhere, so its a no brainer.

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