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Late planting

denburdenbur Posts: 2

Hi I have several of the above ,but due to ill health at planting time I was not able to get them in the ground,would it be alright to plant now? or should I wait until Sept?,if it is the later how should I store them?.

Many thanks in anticipation...............Denbur.


  • AuraAura Posts: 2


    March and April are ideal months for planting seeds.

    Some seeds have very short period of viability. If you wait until September might be too late.

    So, good luck ! image

    Aura (Doigts Verts Jardin)

  • denburdenbur Posts: 2

    Hi Aura,

    Thanks for the reply,I will plant then, as I seem to be dammed if I do and dammed if I don,t


  • BaryBary Posts: 8

    I also want to try, tks...image

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