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So after sailing my Volvo like a Viking Invader churning up the waters of the A57 to work this morning I started to think to think about the summer, more precisely I was thinking about what wonderful sunny weather we're going to be enjoying and that we ought start thinking about harvesting some water before the hose pipe ban is put in place.

At the moment I have a water "tub" on the greenhouse which is okay but I do rather miss the ability to attach a hose rather than the current bailing out and trying to miss the dead snails that float and sink at random. I also want to fit at least one to the new Man Shed when it is erected and eventually we might even get a water butt installed to harvest some of the rain water from the house rather than it disappearing into the drains.

So what would you learned Gardeners suggest I keep in mind when looking for a new water butt? Are there makes and styles to be avoided? Do you have  a supplier you'd recommend? Please share your wisdom!


  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,572
    hI Clarington,if you have any farmers especially dairy farmers near you for a couple of quid they might give you the 60 gallon blue disinfectant no return barrels they purchase,we connected 4 up low down with rubber pipe and the weight of the water even let us use a hose pipe on the end one to irrigate, cut the tops off and place back on upside down for wildlife safety, or you can go online to get 1000 ltr square ones for ??45/??50 ,if you do get black it stops the light forming algae they last forever,

    good luck ,,Alan
  • Have a look at the website or printed bumf of your water supplier (no, not Mother Nature, the people who clean up the water and pipe it into your house). They often offer water butts to their local areas and can probably deliver for a reasonable rate.

    We ordered one from Dobbies Garden Centre online. They were good value and very helpful, replacing it when it arrived with a crack in it.

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    I bought some butts from a water company, it was 'buy one; get one half price.' Remember to get the stand and the drainpipe attachment too. I now have, 1 on the studio, 1 on the lean-to greenhouse, 2 on the house. Even with my smallish garden it is possible to empty them on a hot summers' day, and that is with a watering canimage

  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Thanks everyone! Alas Alan I had to move away for my partners work and all those friendly farmers of mine are a hundred miles away. image I miss them terribly and not just for their (wives) well rotted horse manure!

    I hadn't thought of looking at my water supplier to see if they did deals! How foolish of me since I know the council offer discounts on compost bins on a similar system. Thanks Magpie it seems Yorkshire Water offer 190 litre butts at £39.99 on a buy one get one discounted deal!

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