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Is My Yucca Dying

I think that my Yucca is dying, I have the plant 5 yrs now and its set in a 17" pot in no peat potting compost with a riversand mix for drainage.

And just at Christmas last year all the lower leafs went brown and fell off and now its looking a little skinny with all the leafs at the top of the plant and all these are curling.

I had an idea to give it some bone meal and have mixed it into the soil but only did this yesterday.

what seams to be happening is the new leaf shoots are forming then dying with in a week and the leafs are a pale green and not the dark green normally seen on the tree.

P.S. Please help








  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Maybe overwatering?


  • If the plant has been in the same pot for those 5 years it may just be a little hungry. Try a general purpose liquid feed or a granular feed like Osmocote. Also check the root ball to ensure the plant has not become pot bound. If neither of them seem to be the answer, the only other things i can think of would be a lack of light, sudden change of temperature, red spider mite or over watering. Yuccas in particular are prone to rotting and can often cause a lot of damage to the plant. Is the plant firmly in the soil or does it wobble about a lot if you touch it? 

  • 1 to Brumbull, no mate I put it here to let it photosynthesis and try to heal it self but I have moved and where I used to live I had it in the window but only the afternoon sun.

    where it is now it gets 1 hour of direct sunlight and it has a mix of half a bag of none peat compost with a quarter bag natural riversand and is fed with bonemeal every 3 month .

    2, KEF,

    It get watered once a month if I remember as I know they are hardy if you forget .

    And to Dirty Diggin, the plant has only been in its pot for a year as every year I usually upgrade to a bigger pot but after I investigated further the pot it now stands in is quite sufficient as its a 17" X 12" Pot  

  • Big Mick, sadly I think the problem is lack of sufficient sunlight in your current home.  One hour of direct sunlight per day, particularly the low UV levels we get in the UK,  is nothing like enough for a sunlover like a Yucca - it needs bright sunlight for most of the day.  

    I think in your situation I'd give the yucca to someone who has a south facing conservatory and see if they can revive it - and treat myself to a Philodendron, which will be much happier with the low light levels. 

    Sorry I can't be of more help. image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Years ago my husband had a Yucca at worked and was moved into a windowless office. The Yucca rapidly became very pale and weak so he brought it home intending to throw it away. I suggested that we give it a chance and we put it in our conservatory (NE facing but still gets lots of light and sun) and then moved it into a sunny spot in the garden for the summer. By the end of the season it was green and vigorous so pretty sure it was the lack of light in that case.

    Eventually it became too tall to go back into the conservatory so I decided it would have to go and left it outside through the winter. The frosts predictably killed it - or so I thought - but much to my surprise it produced two new shoots from the base the next year. I've potted up one of these and now have a healthy new Yucca in place of the old one.

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