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  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,189

    Now you have a GH you'll wonder how you ever managed before. 

    Sowed toms, chillies and aubergines on 25thimage.

    Also sowed herbs and flowersimage.


  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 765

    Hi everyone. Well, I've sowed the broad beans (trying Red Crimson for 1st time in addition to my beloved The Sutton) and first peas, also sowed beetroot and asparagus peas in greenhouse. The latter a first effort, the former as per last year's trials, I prefer to put out as plantlings, later in April as they seem to get away better. How are you all getting on?

    Herewith Lunar Calender for 30th March - 5th April.

    30-31st March Leaf days - In cold frame or sunny nursery bed sow Cabbages and Brussel Sprouts for Autumn crops. In greenhouse sow chicory and scarole/Rocket/Parsley and Chervil

    1-2nd April  Fruit days Sow melons in greenhouse at 20-25c sowing 3 to a pot and keep moist. After they sprout keep the strongest plant. Sow Physalis. Do not garden on the 1st before 8.30am (Don't think you would anyway!?)

    3/4/5th April Root days. With the moon rising this is the perfect time to sow parsnips outside for Autumn crops, and sow leeks in a nursery bed. Sow radishes outside.

    Lots of flower jobs 6th onwards - Non veg people not forgotten!

    Happy gardening.

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 765

    Just a quick additional thought. Please do not stick rigidly to the crops mentioned. Root days cover all roots/Leaf days include Spinach at this time of year, so check seed packets as general sowing guide, then divide them into root/leaf/flower (broccoli for eg) and fruit (toms/aubergines/chiilis come under this banner). I would hate to think that some of you are waiting for your particular favourite to be mentioned. I am only passing on the French Calender with what they list. There are also a list of varieties eg. Ratte potatoes. Does anyone want to know these recommendations too? Remember some varieties may not be available in UK but I could list the one's I think you would recognise.

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 765

    Cosmos/Dahlias & lupins sown 28th March as per moon have sprouted! Can't believe the speed of this system. Now have to pot everything on! Here is the Lunar Calender for the next TWO WEEKS because I shall be in UK next week, so may have to miss some vital dates. Still it all comes round again thank goodness.

    6th - 20th April

    6th/7th April Roots up to 8.39am on 6th as per 5th April then switch to flowers. Plant flowering shrubs and water lilies . Plant dahlias and gladioli. Prick out seedlings such as begonias sown 1st feb and petunias sown 1st March. Plant out cauliflowers sown 1st Feb.

    8th April. No gardening afer 10.50am. Attend to lawn instead, raking out moss and adding fertilizer. Trim borders.

    9th April Leaf Day Plant out herbs and cabbages sown 2-4 february.

    10/11/12 April Fruit days. Plant out last small fruit bushes and strawberries. In mild regions pot up cucumbers/melons and courgettes sown 4-6th March and prick out tomatoes sown 24-26 Feb. Sow tomatoes. Earth up Broad Beans and peas sown 23-25th March.

    13/14/ April Root Days Plant balance of potatoes. Prick our celerian sown 6-9 March.Thin Beetroot and Carrots sown 26-27 March. 

    15th April No gardening.

    16/17th April Flower Days Plant up Pots for the Terrace or Pot Garden. Prune spring flowering shrubs such as forsythia and japanese quince.  Cut out dead branches and feed. Prick out geraniums sown 1st Feb

    18/19th April Flower Days Prick out Cabbages and Brussel Sprouts sown 29-31 March into nursery beds.

    20th April Fruit Day Sow Courgettes and Pumpkins in heat. These should be ready to put outside 7-9th May and harvest from July (Interesting to see if this works out?)

    So there we are. Happy Gardening, and let's compare notes to date. So far this year I'm impressed. Just hope I can keep up with it all!



  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 15,960

    My cosmos, and other seeds sown on 1st april have sprouted, not a clue what the moon is doing.  I need to fit things in when I can.

    Why no gardening on the 15th.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 765

    Strength of moon affected by line of planets and sun in direct shadow, so no effects on plants - even though we can see it clearly from earth. Always get on with mowing/weeding etc instead on these days - or just RELAX!!

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 765

    Hi everyone, hope you are having a good Easter. Potatoes in Bags came up 13th April so have topped them up with compost. Planted 17 more in new patch of ground on 14th. Here is Calender 21st - 27th April. Note Moon descending on 28th and Annual eclipse of the sun on 29th so no gardening on these days due to adverse connections with the earth.

    21st April (Today) plus 22nd (in morning) - Sow cucumbers/courgettes/pumpkins/squash in greenhouse. Sow wrinkled peas and more broad beans outside. Prick out tomatoes and re-pot as necessary.

    22nd April Root day - Sow carrots/beetroot/parsnips and radish outside.

    23rd no gardening as moon furthest from earth so weak effect on plants.

    24th April Flower Day. Sow annuals outside where they are to flower. In particular poppies including poppy plants.

    25/26/27th April Leaf Days In a coldframe well exposed to light, sow celery. Sow leeks in veg patch. Sow bulbing fennel in greenhouse.

    28/29/30th No gardening due to moon/sun plus constellations in total dis-array - Look out for orange coloured moon on 30th this  is supposed to foretell frost and chilly winds so young plants and early sowings should be protected with fleece. Last year I was interested to find that this colouring which occurs mostly in April proved to be true. So interested to get your comments.

    Happy Gardening


  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 765

    Glad no gardening last 3 days. Weather dreadful here. herewith Lunar Calender 1st-9th May

    1/2/3 May Rising Moon so Root Days Sow Parsnips/Salsify and Scorzonora where they are to stay outside.

    4/5th May after 5.06pm on 3rd Flower Days commence. Plant out tuberous begonias/dahlias and gladioli.Plant out cauliflower and broccoli sown 28th Feb (Mine still very little - How are yours? seems a bit soon to plant out to me due to size) Prick out into pots petunias  and plant out Impatiens sown 1st March




    6th May Leaf Day No Gardening before 4.25pm as moon 'apogee' Furthest point in cycle from Earth so no benefit. After this plant out endives sown 29/31st March 30cm apart allows them to spread for blanching later ready for harvest june/july. Prune evergreen hedges and carry out topiary.

    7/8/9 May Fruit Days. Plant out where they are to fruit Aubergines/Peppers/Chillies/and Tomatoes sown 24-26th Feb. (I have pricked these out already - think they may be ready to plant on then - How are yours?) Plant out Courgettes sown 20/21 April. Plant in place Melons sown 1/2/April cover with cloches and in preference grow on mounds of compost. Prick out physalis sown 1/2 April. Keep an eye on all above for late frosts.

    So there we are lots to do. I am off for 3 days to Salon Fleurs et Jardin at Le Vaudreuil south of Rouen. If I sell enough cupcakes I shall look out for some clematis and those illusive roses. David Austen the fashion here this year, but I do like buying the ancient french ones as well. Looking forward to seeing my 'rare herb' man the following w/e at Rond des Jardins at Evreux. 2 Moon Gardening Nurseries exhibit so should be able to pick up some more info for us all.


    Happy Gardening and let me have your news.

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 765

    Things growing really well this week. Off to Garden Fair south of Paris for the w/e so here is Lunar Calender for the week ahead 10th-18th May.

    10th May Fruit Day Moon descending so time to plant (as opposed to sow) Aubergines/cucumbers (mine aren't up yet!) courgettes/pumpkins and squash plus melons peppers chillies and tomatoes (Bought some wonderful rare toms last w/e inc one from the Galapagos Islands and 2 from Portugal - Wonderful specialist at Plant Fair last Sunday)

    11/12/13 May Root Days Thin out carrots/turnips/parsnips and radish. Earth up potatoes and plant leeks (No gardening on 12th until after 6pm)

    14th May Flower Day Plant annuals and bulbs in borders. Prune spring shrubs that have finished flowering. Plant out begonias and geraniums sown 24th April

    15th (after 10.32am changes from Flower to Leaf day) 16th/17th May Plant herbs associated as companions next to cabbage (tagetes) tomatoes (basil) carrots (chives) to deter pests. Mow lawns. Prick out sprouting brocoli and brussel sprouts (at last mine will be ready for this) sown 29-31 march

    18th May No gardening until after 7pm then you can sow dwarf and climbing beans renewing sowings once a month on Fruit Days.

    19th May sow all beans all day!

    Happy gardening. How are you getting on - Any comparison reports yet??

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 20,519

    The weather here has been atrocious so no gardening all week and I very much doubt I'll get any done today which is a pity as I have strawberries to plant out and transplant and some beans ready to go out so today would have been ideal from a lunar point of view.

    Let's hope its better for the weekend and I can get my baby beets planted out and fork over my cleared flower beds taking out nasties like couch grass roots so they're ready for planting up on the 14th.


    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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