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sorbaria sem root suckers


does anyone else have one of these? i have one at the top of the garden, heavy clay acidic soil, planted about a year and few months ago (autumn 12). it's a lovely plant and has grown to full size - around about 1-1.5m high and wide. last summer it was a lovely sight as the bees were on it constantly ... which brings about my little dilemma.

i've noticed THREE new shoots that have come up close by to the plant - i'm sure these are root suckers - one very close to a cammelia i have next to it. i do love this plant mainly so for the bees but do i just pull those shoots up? i dont want to damage the plant. ideally id move it but as its quite big and id be worried about damaging it and also im not sure where else i could put it at the moment ..


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,158

    Sorbarias do sucker, I don't think pulling it off will damage it but you will get more suckers. It's the nature of the plant

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