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Fellow hayfever sufferers

This may come across as a barmy question, but do any of you work in a florist? I wanted to work in one but feared getting symptoms of hayfever in work. True the wind is the carrier of pollen, but with a small room stuffed with flowers doesn't exacly sound better. Would tablets really help?

Working in a garden centre sounds better because of the room, but I have no car and I've yet to see one local enough that has a bus running by it..

I suffer from the allergy, but I only get it in Summer really. I'm not sure at all if its just grass pollen or/and flower pollen. I'm pretty sure whenever the lawn is cut or a lawn I suffer a bit, but then again how do I know its not fallen flower pollen?

I heard from a chemist  I can go see a doctor to see if I suffer from one or both pollens. But I really don't want to do that. I could wait till spring and stick my nose in the first tulip to come up (had to laugh at that myself). But then how do I test grass? Stick around when lawn is cut?

^ Sorry for the rant there after the topic qustion. Felt good to get it off my chest though. image


  • DaisydayDaisyday Posts: 373

    As an asthma sufferer most pollens affect me. I don't let it stop me gardening though I can't bring some flowers into the house,particularly sweet peas, which I adore. I do grow the perennial ones though which don't have a smell. No way could I work in flower shop.

    I hope you find a way of dealing with your problem RubyLeaf

  • Antihistamine tablets can help hayfever suffers - taken regularly (everyday) during the summer can eliminate symptoms for the majority of sufferers.

    Most seasonal hayfever sufferers are allergic to tree and/or grass pollen.  Flower pollen isn't a frequent problem.  You could pay a doctor to identify your specific allergens but (s)he wouldn't be able to test for every type of flower. 

    DIY allergy testing by sticking your nose in a tulip or rolling around in grass isn't going to be a particularly reliable way of knowing if you are allergic to either.  The best way to tell if you you would be able to work in a florists is by going and spending some time in one.  This will expose you to the usual level of pollen in a florists as they use flowers in bloom all year round - the type may vary a little though.  This would not only answer your question but give you a better insite into the job.

    Lil (Hayfever sufferer and 'Chemist')


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