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Rubber chippings

I am planning on converting a patch of my gardens into a play area for the children's sand pit, swing and climbing frame. The area is between the house and a large beech hedge so gets very little light, meaning it mostly grows ivy and moss and a few other weeds.   I'm contemplating rubber chippings as I've heard they are better than wood chippings. Does anyone have any experience? Tips/advice, Or a better suggestion? It needs to be relatively cheap as is a fair sized area to cover. 



  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    Terrasofta chippings which you can get on eBay - not cheap but supposed to be very good.  I don't have personal experience of the chippings but just read their blurb.







    Recently used some for a customers garden.. they're great! However they're expensive.. if you find them cheap question the quality.. Some I've come across contain toxins and sharp wire (from tyres) and aren't meant for the garden.. if these poor quality ones have the potential to harm plants i'm guessing they're 100% not healthy for humans too!

    This areas material cost my customer around £119 delivered. I believe it's agricultural tyres which don't contain metal.. they are dyed safely and they have a choice of colours to select from. They're great looking and nice to work with. I've used any left over for top dressing pots. 


    Hope this helps, Tom - Grow Garden Services 

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