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pear tree

Hi, how can you tell wether your tree is dead? because i have a pear tree that we moved last year and there doesnt seem to be any sign of it growing back. please help!


  • AliPAliP Posts: 64

    If you carefully scrape the surface of a stem it should be green underneath, the stems should also be pliable especially last years growth.  If there is no sign of green and the stems are brittle and snap all is not well! It would be worth checking the roots in the same sort of way to see if there is life down there. Fingers crossed!

  • thanks for your reply i will give it a go an see what happens!, if it isn't on the stem but it is on the root what would i be able to do to help it grow?

  • davids10davids10 Posts: 894

    depends on whether it is grafted or not-you didn't say whether it is fruit or ornamental-if the tree is grafted and it sprouts from below that abandon all hope

  • Hi! ive been out and had a look and its not good news me and my wife have also checked the roots and they were brown and brittle so ive taken it out but weve got 2 apple trees growing from seed that were going to put in its place and ive cut some of the trunk of the apple trees and im gonna carve something out of it and place it in the garden maybe up where it was! thanks for your helpimage

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