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Hi everyone, my next door neighbour have removed the garage they had in their garden and have put up a 5ft fence, now they can see into my garden and I want to plant shrubs that will grow about 6/7ft. They will be in full sun but also the wind when weather not good. They must be bird friendly so the birds can nest in them and low maintenance as I am 71 and disabled so would not be able to cut them down.  I need about 4/5 depending on the spread. Can anyone suggest what are the best ones to plant when to plant them and where I can buy them from.

Cheers ragdoll




  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,361

    Hi ragdoll

    Cotoneaster lacteus is big and evergreen and easy going. Also laurel. If you have the width of garden these can both be left to grow without any pruning. The cotoneaster is looking very goodat the moment with its red berries. The birds will have them soon.

    Eleagnus ebbingei as well, evergreen, beautifully scented flowers in autumn.

    If you have the room lots of shrubs can just be left to grow without cutting back. The ones I've mentioned can be found at any garden centre

  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 11,160

    How about Rosa rugosa. Grows to about 2 metre, doesnt require any care, pink or white flowers and huge red hips for the birds.

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  • higgy50higgy50 Posts: 184

    What about a length of the foot wide trellis on top of the fence (if your neighbour agrees) and go for some climbers like Honeysuckle that the birds and insects will love?

    I agree with Cotoneaster and Pyracantha will give good berries and nesting sites for birds once established, as it is thorny it will also add security?

    One of the key things for wildlife is to have a mix of plants to support different species so a mix of the ideas above would be a good idea maybe?

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