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Poly tunnel water harvesting.

We are just building our first poly tunnel at the school I work at and was wondering (as an absolute gardening and practical novice) if anyone had any ideas for a water harvesting system whe could use.  The budget is realtively tight and we are up-cycling a lot of stuff so any ideas for that side would be great too.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 8,922

    Hi James, I've a polytunnel on the way so have been thinking about this myself and have decided to use cheap household plastic guttering.  What I'm going to do is hammer some vertical wooden stakes in along the long sides so that they are about 3" away from the tunnel sides.  Then fit plastic gutter clips to the inside face of the stakes to hold a length of plastic guttering against the polytunnel wall at the point the curved roof becomes vertical (ie about 3ft above the ground.)  Finally, I'll run polytunnel sealing tape along the length to seal the join where the gutter touches the tunnel wall to ensure water runs into the guttering.  B&Q 76mm Mini Line guttering is pretty cheap so might use that.

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  • To tell you the truth is it really viable to try and collect water from such a small area ??

    Even a small green house doesn’t produce the amount of water needed to water all of your gardening needs with in that environment. I would think it would be better to direct you efforts into grey water collection that way the children are involved in recycling


  • I have given the task of water harvesting over to the student STEM club for them to come up with a solution. 


    I hear what you are saying Clueless but it is a very large tunnel (48' x 24') so it will hopefully give us a relatively decent return on it.


    Thanks for all input!

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