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brown tips

Hi guys,

Hope someone can help me out here. I potted up some young clematis about two weeks ago, i have just noticed on some of the lower leaves the tips have dried out and have turned brown, i planted in a mixture of garden soil JI No3 a little bone meal and a sprinkling of osmocote slow release, with a good watering, i have recently moved them outside where the overnight temprature is low but not frosty, any suggestions and soloutions?




  • Could be a few things davie, could be die back in its early stage usually caused by over watering. Could be frost damage just nipping the tender leaves of the young plant. Or could be getting scorched with the low temps on a night then warm morning sunshine. All problems i have had in the past.

  • Thanks very much for the reply Stephen, equipped with your suggestions i deduced (call me sherlock) that it is the almost freezing temps at night followed by bright warm morning sunshine, as it's the plants that are at the side of my poly tunnel facing the sun that are damaged, the ones round the corner between poly tunnel and shed out of the full sunshine are fine.. Elementary my dear Watson...Besides if it was over watering that would be my fault and we cant be having that..hehe..

    Thanks again John


  • Erm i mean Stephen, don't know where John came from my apologies..

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