Rose questions now I've sorted the begonias :)

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I want to plant some roses in my new borers and know nothing about roses (nothing new there then!). I've had a lo on a couple of websites at plants but seem to remember reading somewhere about buying different types and the benefits. Does anyone have any experience of roses from somewhere like Aldi/Wilkinsons? Also, my mum used to have a beautiful yellow rose with a very strong scent (a hybrid????) would anyone have any is what it would be? Thanks again in advance and for your patience with a dim newbie image


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    Tracey - you are not too late to order roses barerooted if you get a wiggle on (they need to be in the soil by March). All my roses have come from David Austin - if you go on the website you can request the latest catalogue - full of advice and pictures galore.  Not got any yellow ones, mine are all pink or white.  Can recommend Gertrude Jekyll, winchester cathedral and shropshire lad.

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    The heat in the shops of the ones in aldi wilkinsons tend to force them into growth a bit so have a good look at which ones you choose.

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    I like "Graham Thomas" from David Austin which is yellow and scented and "The Pilgrim", which is a paler yellow with a cream edge and delicately scented.

    I love all their English roses which flower more than once and are scented, especially pink and crimson.

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    Thank you, I will have a look at David Austin later, I have a feeling that was the website I was on the other day having a look image
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    Teasing Georgia is another good rich yellow rose which will also climb to 2 metres depending on how you prune it.  Malvern Hills is  a short climber with paler yellow roses.

    Gertrude Jekyll has amazing perfume.   I also have William Shakespeare, Sceptr'd Isle, Geoff Hamilton, Queen of Sweden, Tess of the D'Urbevilles, Falstaff, Crocus Rose, Generous Gardener (climber) and Benjamin Britten - all David Austin roses.   I have Jaqueline Duprée on order and will probably order Harlow Carr too - all David Austin roses but I also have a Kiftsgate which is a huge rambler.  

    As I live in Belgium I get mine ready potted from a nursery in the Ardennes who delivers them to me at a local plant fair in May so I don't have to gamble on bare root roses surviving my winters. 

    I wouldn't buy roses from supermarkets - labelling, quality and disease resistance are generally poor.  I'd rather pay more and get a good plant that does what it says on the label.  Make sure you check out the planting and pruning advice on the DA website too to ensure success with your new roses.


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    Thanks everyone, just off to David Austin from the comfort of my chair image
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    Ok, had a good look and a good read and here is what I've decided. Individual roses are quite expensive and as I want a few and don't know how successful I will be, I don't want to spend too much straight away on single plants (just in case I kill them!)

    I love Iceberg, but can't spend ??40 on one plant at the moment, so am going to opt for the fragrant collection offer, 5 for ??59.95 - Gertrude Jekyll, Claire Austin, Lady Emma Hamilton, Golden celebration and can't decide on the 5th.

    Thanks for your help and recommendations.
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    Actually, may change my mind after just reading a comment by David K.......should I have 5 different colours or do a block all the same. I have a hedge at the back and am thinking 3 of one colour long it? Any thoughts please image
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    I'd go for 5 different ones to spread the blooming period, flower forms and colours a bit but space them a bit with perennials so they don't fight with each other.

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    I am going to put them along a border at the back of the garden, approx 20ft so will be nice and evenly spaced image I'll go with the 5 colours as originally decided then, thanks.
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    I'd go for Wollerton Old Hall instead of Claire Austin. Someone I know said CA is floppy and the petals fall off very quickly, gets battered in the rain. I don't actually know WOH, but they say it is very scented. An English friend said it's very healthy.

    I'd go for Munstead Wood too, brother in law has it. Looks a bit like Falstaff which I have and so does BIL.

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    Thanks Lizzie, I couldn't decide between the 2 but like Jane Austin novels so went for Claire Austin!!!

    I am going to see if there are any in my local GC at weekend and have ordered a brochure for a proper look, I might not go for that offer after all yet.....too many decisions!! image
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    Tracy, try the link below for Handley, slightly cheaper than David Austin and not the same range, but good all the same.

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    Gosh we have a rose collector/expert, now I know who to pester for Rose advice.....I'm keeping a list of expert names Mikeimage

    Thank you for your kind comment, I just sort of say it how it is and there is no point at all pretending to be anything I'm not, I have learnt over the years that if people don't like me as I am then they aren't worth this is me image image.

    I've leant so much in the last 10 days, far more than I would have done sitting reading a book or trawling the internet image
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    Mike, why are some of the names in bold? I have no idea about my mum's rose, I just know it was yellow and smelled beautiful. I will ask her but doubt she will remember. I do know she had an Iceberg but doubt very much she paid equivalent to today's pricing....we never had enough money!!!
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    That's beautiful (and also sad) Mike and although some may disagree there may be another reason why My Valentine performs so wonderfully for you image

    If I need any tips I will let you know and would love to see some pics of your beautiful roses, if you can load themimage
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