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Repotting an Orchid

ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

Hi all I have a Phalaenopsis Orchid that is in need of re-potting. When is the best time to do this?

Pics below taken today






  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800



    Hi, I'm not an orchid expert and never re-potted mine, but have done lost of research in readiness and bought the orchid compost etc, then they both produced babies so it's on hold again!!

    I do know that orchids like to be quite 'pot-bound' and it is normal for their roots to grow over, as they grow like that naturally.  Also, don't re-pot when flowering I believe (which is why I've not done mine now).

    I can't really help much more than that but I'm sure someone on here will know far more than me, but I do know more about orchids than any other plant (but that's not difficult).

    I thought I would share a pic of one of my orchids, it flowered non-stop for 2 years!!  Not sure what variety it is though, wish I did!




  • I am trying with one orchid as suggested on a gardening programme to grow it in a glass container with out soil ;at the moment it looks happy,they grow on trees so I quess they wont mind not having soil but the container gives it the  moistness it needs and the light.(they need to rest for awhile after flowering and they need watering when really dry and with rain water), in the glass container it needs no watering will be interesting to see if it works.image

  • BiljeBilje Posts: 790

    I posted a couple of days ago re orchid compost. I'm certainly no expert, my plants all phalenopsis  have been bought over the years from IKEA and my kitchen window obviously sits them. One of the experts I've spoken to at a show said to repot in March or if that's past then September. Mine get done after a couple of years when it looks like they are climbing out of the pot ie the mini stem has lengthened following 4-5 new leaves. I cut away any dead roots, if any, then replant it in the original size pot with very coarse orchid compost which looks more like bark chippings. I don't use orchid fertiliser but half strength tomato fertiliser but not through the winter. i water by placing pot into a large bowl of water for 20 mins then drain on the all works for me.

  • Bex2012Bex2012 Posts: 45

    There are videos on you tube on how to repot an orchid, it's really quite easy. You shouldnt do it when it's flowering. I also stuck my orchid out the garden for the whole of last summer (just in its pot on the table), and you should see if now, the flowers must be 3inches across!

  • Flowering rose I grow mine in a glass case with just stones and miss and currently have 15 flowers on it it looks fab...

  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800
    I might try putting mine in the glass pots I bought for them without soil when they have finished flowering, the white one has one flower opened today and about 6 buds, the pink one is still in bud and hasn't opened yet.

    To be fair, I think people worry about Orchids too much, I am not the worlds greatest with house plants and when I was given my first orchid (the pink one) as a housewarming present 4 years ago I told my friend it would probably be dead within a surprised am I???? Neither have been repotted yet and all I do is feed it with orchid food when flowering and spray it rather than water it as you normally would. image
  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    I think I might just leave it for the time-being then given the advice image

    It is happy enough where it is and is sending a lovely new spike of flowers out.

    I gave it a bigger humidity tray though image

    Thanks guys

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