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help with vegetables

Hi Can anyone help with this?

I am a very novice gardener, I hired a(non professional) odd job man to help me prepare a small vegetable plot so my kids could grow some vegetables. The thing is, when doing it, he found 3 wasp nests in the ground so he sprayed into them with wasp nest killer spray. Im not sure which brand, he said it was a bit like hair mousse stuff that expands into a foam like substance after you spray it?? This was in August 2011. We didnt eat any of the things that grew last summer but Im wondering if it would be ok to grow stuff to eat this summer as maybe the rain has washed it away now and lots of new weeds have grown in the plot? Dont want my kids eating food tainted with dangerous or poisonous chemicals but am aware that I dont really know anything about it so could someone who does let me know what they think?

Also the vegetable plot is up against a fence that was treated with wood preserver. Only about 2 inches of the top soil of the vegetable plot soil touches the  bottom of the fence on the one side but would that make the soil unsafe to grow stuff?  Can it leak in and make the soil/vegetables full of bad chemicals? 

Would be very grateful for any advice.



  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    cannot advise you on whatever spray.. can you not contact the guy & find out exactly what it is.. as to wood preserver...whenever i do that I do it sept/oct time so it has time to disapear in earth thus making it safe for next yr sowings..

    you need advice.. I would`nt be happy planting there re- spray stuff.. maybe a soil kit or something !

  • Zara2Zara2 Posts: 3

    found out it was nippon wasp nest destroyer spray containing permethrin and tetramethrin.....permethrin is used on crops as insecticide, i guess thats ok? and tetramethrin isnt licenced for use on food but has a "half life in soil of 1 hour". Not really any the wiser .....

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