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Orchid Compost Supplier

BiljeBilje Posts: 734

I have several moth orchids, Phalenopsis is that how you spell it. They thrive on my north west windows and regularly flower. Anyway some are several years old and rising out the pot. I want to repot them and am looking to purchase some orchid compost. I have tried one or two bags from local chain GCs but they were rubbish. A few years ago I bought some excellent compost from an Orchid grower at Harrogate Show but I can't remember which company it was.  Can anyone recommend a supplier. Thanks in advance Jean


  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    Hello Bilje - Ray Creek goes to the Harrogate Show in February so maybe they were the ones you bought from.  You can get supplies on-line from them and although I can't vouch for it I would think they would be pretty reliable - hope this helps.  

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