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Ceanothus suffering bad winter damage

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me. We have a rather nice Ceanothus which we inherited with our house and unfortunately the last two winters have hit it really hard. Most of its branches are dead and covered in a green growth. There is some new growth on it but it is sparse and doesn't appear to be particularly strong.

What should I do with it? I'm tempted to cut back all the dead branches but it will then look slightly strange as it will just be a tall thick trunk with some sparse green leaves at the top! I'm reluctant to cut it down as I love the colour of it when it blooms. A picture of it in its current state is below.


  • meiowmeiow Posts: 51


    My mum has a one very much in the same state as yours, I would welcome any advice on how/if it can be saved or rejuvented as it was so lovely

  • Ceanothus are relatively short lived but they are extremely fast growers, I think the life span is around 10 years. I have a 3 year old specimum which is 7 ft, so when they become ugly replacement is the best option, hope this helps.
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