A Hydrangea that won't flower

I have a large hydrangea that was in a pot for several years, and flowered really well, three years ago the flowers were so big I had to prop them up with twigs. Since then, it's sulked, no flowers while in the pot, so I thought it might be pot bound. I moved it last year to a semi shade spot, with lovely soil, and pruned it at the right time, but still no flowers. It has lots of new leaves shooting already, so what could I do to encourage flowers please? I haven't cut it back yet.


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    I inherited 2 Hydrangeas, both of mine are sprouting lots of new growth,but no flower buds yet. Mine are in a very sunny position,maybe yours would benefit from a feed?

  • I dont prune our hydrangers till next month(april) then I remove all the old flower  heads from last year you may have pruned this years flowering buds off

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    It's too early for any flower buds yet....so don't panic!  Have had 4 in large pots for ten years and all doing well. Mopheads don't need much pruning....just the old flower heads (not too low) in late March or early April. Paniculata types can be pruned quite hard (at same time) for better flowers.Moving might cause a little stress for the first year or so, but it'll soon recover.  You will need to feed each year in spring. Try putting a little bonemeal and horse manure around the plant. Lots of new leaves means you have a healthy plant, so just be patient!! 

  • Thank you all very much!  I haven't pruned at all yet, and as it had no flowers, so nothing to remove! It gets the sun all morning. Feeding sounds like the answer and I will do that.

  • You need to remember that mop head Hydrangeas flower on old wood so if you prune them too hard, whilst you will encourage lovely new growth and lots of leaves, you will severaly restrict flowering for that year.  Just trim off the old flower heads to just above new green buds in about a couple of weeks time and give a feed with bonemeal or similar

  • Just catching up on an old thread, followed the advice and had lots of flowers!

    Another query, the hydrangea by my front door has always been on the pink side, but this year is a beautiful blue. I have only put homemade compost on it, with very little leaf mould, has that caused this? I'm not complaining, it is beautiful!

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    I think this link should answer your question



  • How hard can you prune these back and when is best to do it?




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