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Black invaders

Every summer we get invaded with these tiny tiny little black flies that are about 2mm. They cover the windows and even get inside the double glazing. We have to shut all the windows and curtains. Some make their way in the house and get everywhere. They are all over the pc the walls windows, its drives us mad.

No one seems to know what they are all about. Im quite near to farmland and have asked my neighbours if they all suffer the same fate and they do but not as bad.

Its usually July, August time they appear and it lasts for about 3 weeks.

Any clues?


  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    you really answered your own question... you live near farmland...could be from manure etc..not sure how but as it is soo bad maybe you need to report it to enviromental health & ask what you can do.. good luck

  • CiaCia Posts: 153

    Thank you Jean maybe the manure indeed.

  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 61

    Could they be Thrips (thunder flies).

  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    sound like they are too big for thunder flies.. I thought of that sure enviromental would be able to assist on advice...

  • CiaCia Posts: 153

    Im not sure what thunder flies are. I will have to look into it further. Thanks you for your replies.

  • CiaCia Posts: 153

    Yes success they are thunders flies. Now i just have to find a remedy.image

    Thank you for the input Jeffd.

  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    you sure as the size you gave were too large for thunder flies which are like a thin black very small fly.. make you itchy when they land on you & in hair etc..

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