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Hefty buddleia and small rose bush

Wonderful weather but time moves on! Please can someone kindly tell me how to decrease the height and garth of my wonderful buddleia davidi that has outgrown its space? I actually have three and they have become like small trees. There is thick trunk like stem near the ground and to about 3 ft. I am thinking of cutting some 'trunk' back to decrease the garth but can I cut right down almost to the earth (not quite!) and will this help to produce smaller, more compact buddleias? I hope so!

Also I have a small 'wild type' ballerina pink rose, one of a number, which I meant to transplant a foot to fit in with the rest of the design, but did not get around to it. Is it too late? Two others were moved without problem last year but not at this time. The roses have some beginning leaves and buds. I have another, which only has one or two and I could transplant that one instead.

Thank you so much!


  • Buddlea need a spring chop right about now, they respond very well, but if you find this becomes to much, how about trying the BUZZ range of Buddlea,these grow 2-3ft in 3-4colours eg.cream,blue, lilac and red, they flower well, and the butterflies swarm,what for me makes them better, the insects are at my level,and the detail is fantastic.
  • Thanks for the recommendation. Would I kill the buddleia if I cut it right back to almost the ground - would it sprout again from thick trunk??

  • You should be able to prune it down to 2ft, with no problems, feed and wait.
  • Thanks so much!

  • Buzz is really good for taking cuttings from too, I took six from the freebies in GW mag last year, and I am new to taking cuttings, so if I can anyone can!

  • Thank you! Yes, I imagine so as the buddleias spread themselves around the garden last year!

    Does anyone have any advice re the rose?

  • I would have thought that it would be ok to move it now before it really gets going. You can buy and plant potted up roses now, so really if you get a good rootball,  prepare the new hole well, and water before and after moving, I can't see a problem.

  • To move a rose bush it is best done before much growth has started, Decide where you are going to move it to, prepare the hole,make sure it is a good size ,loosen soil in bottom, sprinkle food and make sure soil is damp, This time of year prune, making sure you cut in a slope from a bud facing the way you want the flower to appear,water well, and make sure to take as much soil as you can,firm in well ,making sure that the graft [bulge in lower stem] is just above ground level, water and stand back to enjoy
  • Brilliant! Thank you so much - I will try and save waiting for the Autumn. I read that evergreens could be moved in March; I have a largish hebe - would it also be alright to move this now  a couple of feet?

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