Any good lawn mower forums?

Anyone now of any good UK lawn mower discussion forums?

Im making a new lawn this year and would like to get a good mower for making stripes. I know I need a mower with rear roller, but id like to do some research into which type is best for me.

It will only be a small lawn, about 25m sq, and id like to consider the benefits of cylinder/petrol/hand push etc Does anyone know of any good forums for this subject?




  • Leadfarmer - I haven't heard of any forum dedicated specifically to lawnmowers although I think there are some for tractors.

    I once visited the British Lawnmower Museum in Southport, they have a website that may offer a starting point.

    From my own experience  would suggest something like the Honda HRG415SD IZY Self-Propelled Petrol mower would fit the bill admirably.

  • Thanks David. I do already own a nice rotary Honda Izzy, but I now need a mower with a roller to create stripes. When I lay my new lawn this year I want to keep it looking great so I was thinking of getting a cylinder mower with roller. But I know these are only any good for grass that is kept short, and struggle with long grass. 

    Im not sure whether to buy new, or go for an old used model, as I think today's machines have engines made in China!

  • Yes, even the revered Qualcast Suffolk Punch is made by Bosch with a tacky Briggs & Stratton engine.

    Honda do use there own engine, which superior to most.

  • KEFKEF Posts: 8,915

    Can't comment on mowers with rollers. We use both a Honda and a Hayter petrol self propelled I believe the latter does have a Honda engine. image

    I would buy Honda everytime.

  • I don't think Honda make cylinder mowers, but they do make a rotary with roller. I was hoping to get a cylinder as they are supposed to give a much cleaner cut, rather than slashing the grass as rotarys do.

  • LeadFarmer - Since my previous post I've looked into the present Suffolk Punch model and it seems to be produced now with a Kawasaki engine, which should be on a par with Honda.

    It certainly does have a heavy roller and should give you that bowling green look.

  • Thanks. I've seen two types of Suffolk Punch for sale brand new, one about £500 and the Kawaziki engine model at around £1000. It also seems that Suffolk Punch 14S, Qualcas Classic, Allet Classic 14L, Webb C14 & Atco Balmoral are all one and the same, just given a different name.  Another site states the Suffolk Punch doesn't exist any more and has been replaced by the Allet Classic. It's quite confusing actually.

  • LF - I think if it were me I would try to visit a lawnmower specialist, certainly make sure it has the cutting width you require.

    I'm lucky as I have such a place within five miles of where I live, they have a large source of new and very little used machines. 


  • Thanks David. I'll go and visit a few places and get a better feel for it. There's a couple I know of in Sheffield.  


  • Iv e just bought a Suffolk Punch 30S petrol cylinder mower for a good price on ebay, collecting it this week. I won't be using it until my new lawn is installed, but hopefully it will be an introduction into proper mowing.



  • Fingers crossed for you, Leadfarmer.

    My concern would be that it only has a 30cm (12inch) cutting width blade and given the dimensions of your planned lawn, you will have to make so many passes, it will take forever to mow.

    Something like so (17inch blade) is what I would be considering:

    Hope I don't seem to be interfering!


  • Not at all David, all comments appreciatedimage. My new lawn isn't going to be very big at all, if I'm still enthusiastic about keeping the lawn nice by the end of summer I may upgrade to a different mower. 

    I picked up the mower today and it does look like a nice machine. 

  • LeadFarmer wrote (see)

    Not at all David. My new lawn isn't going to be very big at all, if I'm still enthusiastic about keeping the lawn nice by the end of summer I may upgrade to a different mower. 

    I picked up the mower today and it does look like a nice machine. 


    Pleased to hear you have it & it's what you are looking for.

    Just as matter of interest, I decided to do away with two small lawns last year and have an electric version of your new mower to dispose of,,,,,,,it's almost brand new, only being used for one season.

    A bargain awaits someone! image


  • Well I snapped up another mower today as it was selling for a good price, I intend to sell the previous one this summer. This new one is a Qualcast Classic 43S with 17" blade...



  • I would say you've made an excellent purchase there, LeadFarmer.

  • Thanks David. I think winter is definately the best time to buy a used mower. Come summer they will be selling for much higher prices. 

  • Think you're right, LF.....hope you get a quick sale for the previous one.

    Your most recent acquisition will make short work of your planned lawn & give all the stripes you could wish for......excellent stuff!

    PS. Don't know (or need to know) how much you paid for it, but can say it would cost around £700 new.

  • I paid £185 which I thought was a good price for the 17" model. Its been serviced every year and seems to be in great condition. Its just a shame I've got to wait for the summer before I can use it properly!

     My Everedge lawn edging strips arrive tomorrow so I can at least make a start on the new path, then I can concentrate on starting the new lawn.

  • LF - I would have been happy to have paid that for what seems a very good machine.

    It will seem like an eternity until you can try her out.....just hope you'll be laying turf & not seed.

    PS. The first Suffolk Punch I bought was just £26 new.

  • Hi Guys. My son has just been given an Atco Balmoral 17s. He is wondering about getting a scarifier head for it too. Do all Balmorals use the QX cassette system? How can I tell if its a cassette cylinder or not?

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