Growing Blueberries

Hi, I have two blueberry plants growing in a tub, they did well last year but unfortunately my chickens got hold of them and stripped all the leaves off the plants at the end of last summer. They now look like they have died with no new leaves showing, is it going to be possible to save them or is it too late, Thanks M


  • Hammy2Hammy2 Posts: 3

    Mine are just starting to bud now, so there is hope! However, if you want to check, snap a bit off the end of a branch - if it is brittle and breaks off easily, it is probably dead.

  • morbidiamorbidia Posts: 6

    I checked the branches today and they are going brown on the ends but are green further down, I was tempted to prune them back but then though this might make it worse

  • RainaRaina Posts: 5

    is is spring now in your there?  they didnt grow any green leaves?? OR you can cut down a branch, and see if there is any life in itimage

  • Mrs SMrs S Posts: 11
    Do you need 2 blueberry plants to get fruit?
  • morbidiamorbidia Posts: 6

    Hi ,yes its spring here now but there are no leaves and the branches look brown, I think they are dead image I will have to go and get some more and coverthem so the hens don't get at them again

  • morbidiamorbidia Posts: 6

    Hi Mrs S, I was told you don't need two bushes to grow blueberries but if you plant two they both get more berries on them

  • neatbushneatbush Posts: 34

    I had two blueberry plants in tubs, until my dog pulled them out of there pots and ate them. must like blueberrys  thenimage

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,147

    I would be patent for a few more weeks as they may just have been frozen a bit more than they like and could reshoot from lower down.  Mine haven't got leaf shoots yet but they did try flwoering.  iexpect the blossom's been frosted and I'll get no fruits thi syear.  Hey ho.

    Try giving yours a good drink of rain water with added liquid tomato fertiliser as a tonic or else tap water with something like Miracid or sequestered iron to cancel out any alkalinity.  If they haven't shown shoots by mid to late May then dig them out and start again with new plants, making sure they have plenty of ericaceous comost dug in aroud their rootballs.

    You'll get better fruiting if you have two or more varieties to cross pollinate each other.

    The Vendée, France
  • Sue 2Sue 2 Posts: 19

    If you scrape the bark away they should be green underneath if alive. If its brown just try further down stem, but as obelixx says, give them bit more time & water & feed them. Good luck!

  • pybarlowpybarlow Posts: 7

    Its July and I bought 3 blueberries as a set at the garden center in the spring I potted them up with the right compost and had a few leaves on them. I have no pets and they are in the sun but now only have the bare framework of the plants and nothing else. any sugestions of what has gone wrong or how I can rejuvenate them.  

  • RobotRobot Posts: 137

    Hi Pybarlow,

    I'm not an expert but I do grow blueberries.  First, I don't let them have the sun directly on them.  They don't like it.  Dappled shade is best as their leaves can be scorched.  I have grown them in pots until this year and as they survived our harsh winter without protection I decided to put them in the ground.  They like a slightly acid soil and they like moisture.  Their roots are quite near the surface so once planted and well watered they should be mulched.  I use pine needles and shredded pine bark.

    I never water with tap water.  They don't like the lime content.  When our water butts get dry - which they do - I don't water them at all. 

    As soon as they have finished flowering I cover them with fleece so that the birds don't pick off the developing fruits.  I keep them covered until the last fruit is picked. 

    I don't prune them until they are in their third year and then I prune out the old wood but make sure there are at least four to five good strong stems for the following year.

    If your bought plants are not doing anything then there's a problem which may be solved by following the above advice.  You said you planted them in the right compost - what was that?  I just use ordinary garden soil with some mulched pine needles incorporated.


    Hope this helps.

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