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Talkback: How to set up a worm bin

batannabatanna Posts: 26
When the compost is ready how do you remove it without taking all the worms along also?


  • SimjoSimjo Posts: 4

    Hi Batana,

    Without knowing your set up exactly it's hard to generalise but with mine, I only take about 2/3rds of the compost out at a time.  The 1/3rd compost that remains will contain plenty of worms and these should quickly multiply as soon as you load up the wormery with more vegetation again. 

    Even better, the worms in the 2/3rds compost that you do remove and presumably spread around your garden, will do untold good.  Depending on the type of worms in the wormery they may not survive 'in the wild' but will do plenty of good whilst they are around...... and will probably feed a few birds at the same time!



  • where do i get the worms from?
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