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What DO they put in bags of mixed birdseed?!

The birds love the birdseed and especially the sunflower seeds but I've got to laugh. In Spring I spend considerable time digging up luxurious grass (no other word for it) from around.the base of the bird table and the apple tree in which the bird feeders hang. I would leave it there but it is considerably better quality than the original grass  image


  • Bridget2Bridget2 Posts: 31

    Tell me about it I have a smallpatio garden so most of my plants are in tubs so I am forever getting rid of grass and last year I had two cannabis plants growing!!  Can any one help with getting squirrelsnto leave my bulbs alone? I canb not put wire netting down ,have tried red pepper, special scarerer stuff , and nothing seems to help.

  • smflymansmflyman Posts: 32

    Tried a Red-Back hawk? I dont mind the odd squirrel, but when they are so numerous that they dig up bulbs it is time to call in my falconer friend. And before anyone gets all squirrel huggy the bird has to be given leather gaiters because the squirrels bite so savagely.

    Try garlic amongst the daffs - once bitten never revisited.

  • I to have problems with the spread of seeds from my bird feeder, spread around not by Squirrels but Pigeons,and oh boy! do they make a mess of everything, The idea of birds of pray is something i hadn't thought of, makes for an interesting idea,we do have the odd Sparrow Hawk, they don't make any difference to numbers though,any ideas??
  • smflymansmflyman Posts: 32

    Sparrowhawks are too small to attempt an attack on a squirrel - ironically Grey Squirrels prey on the eggs of smaller birds of prey if left unattended. You could try your local Yellow Pages for a falconer, but they charge and squirrels are a numerous pest. You could try a trap to catch them alive and transport them away from your area to a park. The design needs to be strong as squirrels are adept at opening the doors. For extreme niusance there is always the lead option. I have had to squirrel proof all my nest boxes with metal plates, and they even had a go at the sparrow box under the eves!

  • Thanks smflyman ,i am not having problems with squirrels it is PIGEONS that are the trouble.
  • Bridget2Bridget2 Posts: 31

    Thank  smflyman. I would love a Red-Back hawk but as I live in a small square with numerous cats I don't think it would be a good idea. My husband did try the lead route not to kill but to scare, and was reported to the police by next door neighbour!!! Do I plant the garlic?

  • smflymansmflyman Posts: 32

    Yes - the theory is that each squirrel that eats a garlic bulb will be deterred from the other bulbs. If nothing else you get lots of tasty garlic.

    Pigeons will respond briefly to a dummy hawk or owl, but soon learn to ignore it. he pigeon is a big bird, but a Harris Hawk (much more commonly kept by falconers) would happily chase them around and prolong the effect of a dummy (just like at airports and the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff)

    Pigeons are also gregarious feeders - where they see one bird having a safe nosh they tend to join in. If all else fails restrict the food that they can access. I find all the species I want can learn to feed from hanging feeders, except the blackbirds and thrushes. Have'nt worked out what to do for them yet.

  • Me1thinkMe1think Posts: 1

    I just go out into the garden and growl like Marge Simpson and the Pigeons get the message!

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