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Looking at previous posts, I just wanted to say how envious I am of some of the beautiful roses that many of you have managed to grown in containers. I have never been successul at this and would be very grateful for any tried and tested tips at doing so. I look forward to trying them later in the season. Many thanks


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     I thought these pink ones wouldn't survive because of the deer.



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    I use large containers and fill with a mixture of soil, compost, and rotted manure up to a few inches from the top. I plant the rose and fill the last few inches with potting compost, which will prevent weeds. I have had to remove quite a few roses from the garden as the deer kept eating them, so I've put them on the terrace round the house. They need quite a bit of watering in summer and dry periods and they need regular feeding.

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    Oh that's funny, not the order I posted them in, but I expect you'll work it out!

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    Lizzie - do you ever repot or replace any of the compost? image

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    Wow busy-Lizzie, they are beautiful. Where do you live if you don't mind me asking, it doesn't look English and is very pretty.
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    I live in Dordogne, France. Limestone area, so lots of stone houses.

    Every May I replace the top layer of compost and plant bedding plants and every November I do the same and plant violas. I also feed regularly with an organic rose compost and in May I use granules for bedding plants that are supposed to last a long time. If you don't feed enough the rose leaves start going yellow and if you don't water enough, like the house sitter didn't when I was away, then blackspot starts appearing. When the roses are happy disease stays away it seems.

    I really wanted roses climbing up the house, but the house is on rock and the ground is concreted and paved. I wanted more roses in the garden but the deer developed a taste for them. It was OK at first.

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    Lucky you, they are beautiful image
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    Thanks Busy Lizzie for sharing your photos and tips with us.  I had no idea they could grow so vigorously in pots. I would love to see more if anyone has them. 

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