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Hi can anyone tell me if there is a jasmine plant that will grow outside all year round, i think the frost has killed the one i had/......



  • Most jasmine to my mind are hardy both summer and winter flowering. Are you sure the frost killed it???

  • Hi stephen, my jasmine looks dead, im just presuming it was the frost, this is the first house ive had with a garden so im still feeling my way..

  • cold wind and frost will hit jasmine, will come back, but really needs some protection from sharp frosts/cold winds

  • Give it chance to see if it will recover frost damaged plants will recover in time. If after a couple of months you see no sign of new growth, i would replace it

  • I agree with Stephen in that you should give it a bit longer. Mine that I planted last autumn looked very dead (dry brown leaves) but then I noticed tiny, tiny buds and its since come back strong in the last couple of weeks.

  • my jasmine also looked like it had frost damage but it's come back a treatimage

  • ive got both white jasmine and pink flower ones that apparently flower at diferent times to the white.

    what do i do to protect it. its grown alot and im using it as screening between mine and neighbours garden. do i really need to cut it back now image

  • Summer jasmine: Is best pruned just after flowering, in late summer or early autumn. Early flower flushes develop on the previous year’s growth, but later flushes develop on the tips of the current year’s growth. Pruning after flowering gives the new growth time to mature and flower early next season. I got that from the RHS site.

  • cj modencj moden Posts: 6

    i am in nw england ,i planted a jasmin officianale last summer ,it looks dead all the old stems are brown ,but there are increasing traces of green on the stems so fingers crossed

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Officinale is the hardiest variety. I have a polyanthum that has survived in a sunny spot right through winter here in South Wales.

    Give it until Mid-April, you should see some new growth by then

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