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Tall planters

I want to put one or two tall planters to either side of my front door, where there is frosted glass.  They'll need to be a minimum of 60cm tall.  I've seen several on websites but I'm not sure which material is the best.  I don't want to go for the cheapest if it's not going to last more than one year.


  • Hi Eileen2711

    Best to check out your local garden centre, defo a 'touchy feely' exercise which you cannot get from the web. For anything over 60cm, 2ft in old money, I would go for fibre glass. You want something that wont crack in a hard frost. You can get some good ones that look like stone or terracotta.

    Make sure they have adequate drainage holes and instead of using broken crocks in the bottom try old seed polystyrene trays. It cuts down on the weight if you have to move them. Hope that's been some help.

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