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my daughter bought me some potato bags and seed potatoes - great idea but having filled 6 bags with compost at £10.99 ( my garden compost has been used on the veg patch) I think these will be very costly new potatoes??? I know it is great to have potatoes fresh from your own garden but this seems an expensive way of growing them...


  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    yes, expensive & when I tried this for xmas new pots it sadly failed...much better in the ground.. maybe between flowers etc as not essential to grow as a crop..

  • Hello GillT,

    Do not despair! First of all, potatoes grown in bags of compost are wonderful to harvest and look extremely clean. It will save you a great deal of bother. Secondly, your compost will not be lost afterwards. You can use it as a wonderful mulch, or even for growing more things in pots next year. It's true that you shouldn't re-use compost for your most precious projects, but if you have a sturdy, healthy plant that simply needs re-potting you could do a lot worse.

    Emma team.

  • There really is something so rewarding in growing your own veg. I use the potato bags which have flaps in them that open near the bottom for easy harvesting
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