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I have 3 citrus plants which I have overwintered in my conservatory. They look healthy but leaves and stems have small brown bumps on them which I can pick off with a thumbnail (although there are hundreds) and the leaves are covered in a sticky film. Is this scale insect? and what is the best treatment? Systemic treatments will mean I can't eat my fruit!


  • Sue 2Sue 2 Posts: 19

    Yes thats scale insect. Try soft soap if you dont want to use chemicals. Some chemical are ok to use on fruits if you only use them once or twice. Go & have a look at the chemicals in you local garden centre & have a good read of the labels.

  • GillTGillT Posts: 6

    Thanks. I have wiped leaves and stems with eco detergent. The leaves are all sticky with honeydew. I will check out sprays.

  • Sue 2Sue 2 Posts: 19

    Just clean the leaves with soapy water if the plants are not too big! Once you get rid of the scale insects you wont get anymore sticky honeydew or black sooty mold on them. Good luck.

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