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Can I plant Water Crowsfoot Ranunculus Aquatilis now?


I have just bought a bunch of Water Crowsfoot Ranunculus Aquatilis from an ebay supplier and wonder if I should keep it in water in my unheated greenhouse until Spring, or could I introduce it to my pond now?

I would be planting into a pond basket in aquatic soil. Is it tough enough to take being plunged into my pond in Winter or should I not risk it?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,852

    I think that would depend on where it's been til now LL. If it's been outside it will be fine. I think it should be OK anyway in water, not immediately exposed to frost. Water temperature doesn't drop as sharply as air temperature and the plant would have time to get used to it

  • Thanks nutcutlet. I managed to contact the supplier and they told me that the crowsfoot was still outside and still growing at their garden centre, so I could put it straight into my pond as you have suggested.

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